My Music on a Gary Vaynerchuk Video: Timing is Everything

There’s an incredibly smart, inspirational, fast-talking American entrepreneur I’ve been following for YEARS by the name of Gary Vaynerchuk! Also known as Gary Vee. A few of his speaking videos have gone viral so you may well have come across some of his stuff. So when he posted on Instagram that his videographer is looking for new music for his upcoming videos I got straight on it as I figured some piano music would work well with his inspirational style. Thankfully, his video guy (D-Rock) listened to my music and loved it. He replied this to my email:

Well Okiem,

You are super talented! I appreciate you sending over your music! seriously man! you are super talented! :)
— DRock


That was a great compliment and he went on to use my music in a Gary Vee video entitled ‘Timing is Everything’. I couldn’t agree more. I woke up to a lot messages and tweets from people saying they could hear my piano on the new Gary Vee episode:



 It was great to have the exposure and a link with a world-class entrepreneur so thanks to Gary and DRock!

The song they used from my album is called ‘Calais’. I love this song, even though it’s not in my live set (yet). You can stream it entirely on my site here - 

 If you’ve never come across his stuff before, here’s your first look. My song Calais kicks in at 6:24 all the way to the end of the video. Enjoy:

Gary Vee - Timing is Everything - Episode 040